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Floor Paint-Chenguang Paint



Welcome to buy our company’s floor paint. Our company’s floor paint has pass the certification of Quality Credit Monitor Management Association. All the floor paints have reached the standard.

Next we will introduce the polyurethane floor(paint).

Composition: The composition one is made of modified polyurethane resin and organic solvent. The composition two is made of curing agent.

Characteristic: smooth, no cracks, wear resistant, acid and alkali resistant, chemical resistant, colourful, clean, durable, impact resistant.

Purpose: GMP pharmaceutical factory, hospital, dust-free room, electronic factory, food manufacturer, freezing room

Projects Standards:



appearance of the film


adhesion, level


impact strength, kg/cm 2


drying time

drying time surface ,h


hard drying time ,h



Construction Reference:

1. The floor must be dry. Clean the floor. No grease, no water and no mechanical property.

2. Mixed the composition one and composition two and leave it alone for 10 minutes. Then it can be used. After it is dry the topcoat can be painted.

3. Spraying, brush painting and roller coating are all available. If the viscosity is too high use special diluent.

4. Use the paint as soon as it is mixed or it will become blue.



1. Read the safety regulation on the label carefully before and after the work.

2. Abide by the regulation of the country or local government.

3. Take some preventive measures to prevent the paint from eyes and skin.

4. Take some measures to prevent fire, explosion and environmental pollution. The work site must be well ventilated.

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